Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How to get Thai scholarship

Studying abroad, foreign students have to know firstly the language of the place where they are attending, then the culture. To fill up this gap, Mahasarakham always has its duty to receive Khmer students, who succeed the Royal Scholarship, to have their Thai orientation course every year. It is three years now that one could find the presence of Khmer students in every summer. The Thai language orientation is maximally three months, starting in April. Besides learning the language, they also have time to simplify their living to new environments. About 200 students are taking their Thai language. After they finish, they will separately be sent to their school or university they applied at the scholarship contest.
Fortunately, it is my first time to know some of them in the class. Officially, I don’t have any jobs in teaching them, since this work is totally provided to Thai teachers. Although some of them ever took Thai class from home, but that existing knowledge must be improved with mother tongue and real situation. One of teachers has mission to Bangkok, so I am asked to teach instead of him. Thanks for lending me this opportunity.
There are some Khmer students who wish to study in Thailand, but they still do not know how to get it. Thus, let read the following impression by Chandararith.
Tho Chandararith 1Tho Chandararith 2

For one who is firstly learning Thai at the basic step and wants to be clear in pronouncing, try to listen to each word is pronounced carefully and repeat it. Soon, you will be able to pronounce Thai word clear. Good luck to you all. Click to listen or Download.

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