Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Preserve Khmer Culture and Khmer Heritage in S'rin

Dear Supporters of the Khmer Surin,

On behalf of the Association, I am seeking for your kind consideration to support to the Kandrum Group to perform in Phnom Penh, Cambodia from December 11-17, 2010. The plan is to promote and reach out to organization partnership in Phnom Penh for future cooperation. As planned, the group shall be performed at Royal Academy of Cambodia (RAC), and at the residence of vice president of Center for Khmer Studies (CKS) at Kien Svay, Krong Ta Khmao, and the Seminar of Ken and Kandrum at Royal University of Fine Arts. We also plan to meet with performing arts group like Krom Khmer Amarita and Apsara to discuss about the cooperation for the future.

I see that to make the Khmer Surin Association strong, we need support from brothers and sisters in Cambodia and I am hopeful that through this way, we can stand on our own ground. I also plan to invite Khmer traditional arts to perform in Surin in the festival held annually. I am hopeful that we will be received attention and understanding regarding our striving to protect and to promote the Khmer culture right here in the last stronghold of the Khmer civilization in the Khorat Plateau. If we lose Surin, and half of Srisaket then we will be a history.

Please kindly take my sincere thanks to your support after all the year. I take all the hand that help in my head and in my mind.
If you understand that what I have constructed is right
Then it is your duty to protect it.
Because men of wisdom say,
"Creator and Protectors equally share of the merit."
-King Jayavaraman VII's words of wisdom,
found at a stolen stone inscription at Srok Prasat, Khet Surin.

"Rights in education also means the right to language"

Chaimongkol Chalermsukjitsri
Human Rights and Education in Indigenous Language Program
P.O.Box 27. Surin City, Thailand.
Phone 0875815514, 0830860076

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