Sunday, January 30, 2011

Participated Mr.Samai's wedding អាពាហ៍ថៃឦសាន

I an my family go to Udornthani (Udorn) with Dr. Banyat Salee to participate with Mr. Samai's wedding in Udornthani. The travelling started on Friday, for being comfortable on the travel. We stayed at resort of Niw Gnoun Saeng Thai (นิวง่านแสงไทย รีสอร์ท) about 12Km from Udorn Town. When arriving the resort and checked in, then Dr. Banyat brought us to Norngkai province, as province at Thai-Lao border. We had dinner at a river bank restaurant, Le con. Then we were back to the resort about 7.00 after having nice food there.
Started travelling from MSU at 1.30 pm and arrive Udorn about 5.00 pm, on distance of about 250km. And to Norngkai at 5.15 and arrived there at 6.00 pm. From resort to Norngkai is about 50 Km.

Events in Wedding described in Khmer version, CLICK HERE.

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