Monday, July 19, 2010

Khmer Course for Staff in CarGill Company

Even though there is slight problem in diplomatic relationship between Cambodia and Thailand, the overall view of relation of two countries is considerably good, especially in the business field.
Cargill Company is a large, fully integrated poultry processing business with locations in Saraburi and Koraj, Thailand. In the end of July 2010, in its first step, the company will receive 100 Khmer workforce from Cambodia to work in it. As its plan, the number of Khmer workforce to be hired by the company will be reached at the amount of 1000. Due to the large number of Khmer workforce in the company, it needs to improve its staff who get in charge with those workers to have some understandings on Khmer, its culture and language in daily usage. Three lecturers and students, specialist in Khmer, are invited to give lecture on the above topic.
The presence of Khmer workforce in Thailand, especially in Cargill, is the big market for Thai students who have good knowledge in Khmer language i.e. in attending in Khmer Major.

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