Friday, October 30, 2009

General Khmer Language Program for Foreigners 2010

Royal Academy of Cambodia
Institute of National Language

General Khmer Language Program for Foreigners 2010

General Khmer Language Program at the Institute of National Language (INL), Royal Academy of Cambodia is a part-time course designed for foreign students wishing to achieve an upper level of Khmer.

The teachers of INL teaches all for macro Khmer skills of speaking, writing, reading, and listening as well as Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, and special program. The special program will offer students the Khmer for academic writing, Khmer for society and culture, Khmer for versification, and Khmer for administration and secretary.

INL is one of the research institutes of Royal Academy of Cambodia and it also offers the Khmer language course for foreigners who want to practice Khmer language in the Cambodian environment. The INL also offered Khmer Language course for Thai students, undergraduate school from the Mahasarakham University, Thailand since 2007. Most of Thai students can practice speaking, academic writing, reading, and listening.

Teachers at INL have professional qualifications in Teaching Khmer as a Foreign Language. These teachers have Master’s degree and Ph.D. degree. All teachers are highly experienced in the field of teaching Khmer Language for foreigners.

Term dates 2010

Term 1 Monday 11 January, 2010-Wendesday 24 March, 2010
Registration for term 1 from 19 December, 2009

Term 2 Monday 5 April, 2010-Thursday 24, 2010
Registration for term 2 from Monday 28 March, 2010

Term 3 Monday 5 July, 2010-Friday 10 September, 2010
Registration for term 3 from Monday 28 June 2010

Term 4 Monday 27 September, 2010-Wednesday 15 December, 2010
Registration for term 4 from Monday 20 September 2010

Days and Times

Classes may be available at the following times:
Monday through Friday:
Morning Afternoon Evening
7:30-9:000 14:00-15:30 17:30-19:00
9:30-11:00 15:30-17:00
Weekend classes:
Saturday Sunday
Morning Morning
7:30-11:30 8:00-11:00
Course fee:
The course costs $800 for one year, or $210 per level.

Contact Person
Mr. Vong Meng
Khmer Language Program Coordinator
Institute of National Language
Royal Academy of Cambodia

Building #3, 1st Floor, Room: 216,
Tel: (855) 012 446 416
P.O. Box 540

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  1. I'm afraid that after finishing course I cannot write or communicate in Khmer. Are there good teachers?