Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bachelor Degree of Khmer Language in Mahasarakham

Camdodia and Thai are neighboring country . Due to their adjacent borders, both in land and water, their long historical relationship, and their some language structures are similar, many people of these countries, especially ones who lives near the border, could communicate each other through both languages. Most of them, however, could only speak the simple language, namely spoken language. In Thailand many of people who are Khmer descendants can speak Khmer language, which considered as one of dialects in Thailand, fluently but their accents are slightly different from one in Cambodia. Khmer or Thai people who get their knowledge of languages through academic study and could officially use those languages fluently are still poor, so far.
The need of human resource, mentioned above, makes Mahasarakham university to try to launch the Khmer Study Center which is a sub-branch under the Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences's control. This year is the year that the university has honor to to have its two students in Khmer Major to finish their bachelor degree since its more than four years of opening this class. Be noticed that there are twenty students in Khmer Major in have been attending the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Mahasarakham University, now days. Though this year there are only two students in the major have completely finished their studies, it is one of the greastest achievments of the university. We hope that in the following years the number of graduated students in Khmer Major will be gradually increased. May the two students who just have obtained the certificate have good future and good job.

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