Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Artwork Awarding Ceremony

Nearly 100 artworks are sent from the countries of sub-region Mekong river, as Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, to join in a contest, entitled: “The 3rd contest of the Contemporary Art in the Mekong River Basin 2014.” 10 of those artworks are from Cambodia. In which five are selected to be displayed in the showroom for public visiting as well as academic purposes. Although none of Khmer artwork gets great success, two win the special awards. First is the work, titled Khmer Ek Kites, was drawn by Mr. Chheng Kimhong and second is by little girl Chom Chinmaneth.

The ceremony of awarding is held today, Dec 9, 2014, in the Cultural Research Center (rinac). Artists from above countries are invited to give lecture and share experiences and knowledge of art of each nation.

In the ceremony, there is also a live contest held for school students show their artwork ability. Another proud of Khmer, Chinmaneth who just won a special prize, wins one more honorable prize in this contest.

Although above result is not a big success as compare to other great winners in the contest, it could be the trace lead to success for our Khmer smart artists in the coming art events.

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