Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Don Ta (Pchum) celebration by Khmer in Khukhan

The Festival of the Dead is full of life and colour in Si Sa Ket

There is no such thing as a Halloween party in Srisaket, a northeastern province that shares a border with Cambodia. But in the small town of Khukhan, the Khmer-speaking communities have their own way of celebrating the dead: the annual Saen Donta Festival where they feed the deceased members of their families.

"Sons, daughters, in-laws, grandchildren - all family members will return home," says an 80-something grandmother, as she starts to explain the notion of this reunion of family members - both alive and dead - for the Saen Donta Festival. "The members [the one who are alive, of course] help to prepare the food and offer it to the dead ones."

Do dead and the living have dinner together, I wonder?

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