Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cambodian refugee goes home as US Navy commander

SIHANOUKVILLE, Cambodia – The distant thuds of gunfire and bombs weren't nearly as memorable for Michael Misiewicz as fishing barehanded with his older brother in Cambodia's Mekong River.

In 1973, as a 6-year-old then called Vannak Khem, he was more concerned with boys' games than the deepening war — unaware, like most Cambodians, of the trauma that the Khmer Rouge would soon inflict on the country. He had no idea that after his adoption by an American woman that same year, it would take him 37 years to go home.

Sources: RFA and AP

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  1. It's great about Khmer. Khmer is not weak but we don't have enough chance to gain. We are always have war while most of our neighbor have long peace.