Friday, February 26, 2010

Preparatory Course for Internship Students

The faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Mahasarakham University has its policies for each 3rd year undergraduate enrolling in the Bachelor of Art degree program in Language to take internship in order to improve his/her language proficiency in the skills of speaking, writing,listening, and reading at real work place with native speakers. Those undergraduates will be sent to do the course in relevant fields, companies, NGOs or state enterprises.

This year 8 students in Khmer Major will be sent to take their internship in Cambodia from March 15 to June 15, 2010, Four of them will be take their course in Kampong Cheuteal School in Kampong Thom Province, and the other four will take in Royal Academy of Cambodia, since Mahasarakham University and Royal Academy of Cambodia hold a Memorandums of Understanding.
To improving their existence knowledge on Khmer obtaining during three years course in Mahasarakham, they have to take a preparatory course for internship from 22-26 Feb. 2010. The courses lectured by Mr. Chom Sonnang from Royal Academy of Cabmodia and Mrs. Vong Sothea, invited trainee, are especially focuses on Khmer in Daily Life, Khmer Social Life. In adding to the course, those students will participate in Advisory meeting held on the fifth of March 2010. It is the last preparatory class before their leaving home for abroad.


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