Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gateway to Eastern World Opened at MSU

The 9th academic and cultural fair entitled “Opening the Gateway to the Eastern World” took place at Mahasarakham University from 8-12 February, 2010, hosted by the Department of Thai and Oriental Languages, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HUSOC). A large audience gathered at Green Course behind Rajanakharin (RN) building to enjoy spectacular cultural performances by HUSOC students majoring in Chinese, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Thai, and Thai. Also taking place at the annual festival were language skill competitions in which students from universities national wide took part for rewards and certificates.

In the fair, students in majoring Khmer showed Khmer traditional food by Prohok (ប្រហុក) , as Pous Ko Teuk Prohok ពោះគោទឹកប្រហុក, Prohok Cegn Cram ប្រហុកចិញ្ច្រាំ, Trey Cha Eu bok ត្រីឆ្អើរបុកស្វាយ and some others Khmer fishery instruments.

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