Friday, August 14, 2009

Gregory and Chaimongkul in MSU

On the 13th of August 2009, Dr. Gregory, from France and the author of La royauté d'Oudong réformes des institutions et crise du pouvoir dans le royaume khmer du XVIIe siècle, and Mr. Chaimongkol Chalermsukjitsri, head of Human Rights in Indigenous Language Education Program, visited Mahasarakham University (MSU). The purpose of the visit is firstly to exchange the experiences and access to the situation of Khmer language teaching in the university, and latter is to find some data of palm leaf (manuscript), Sastra (សាស្ត្រា) or Bailan (ใบลาน) in Khmer or Thai respectively. After a talk in the office of Khmer Unit, the visiting team, accompanied by Mr. Chom Sonnang and Mr. Rachan, went on its journey to the center of The Palm Leaf Preservation Project, which its main mission is to explore, compile and preserve palm leaves in the nineteen provinces of Northern Thailan. In there the team was warmly welcome and introduced by Mr. Samai Wannaudawn, the project’s Secretary of Board Director.
On his visiting to MSU of this time, Mr. Chaimongkul has brought some interesting books about Khmer to the Khmer Unit for the public use, particularly for students whose major in Khmer language.
Be informed that from the effort of Mr. Chaimongkul, Some schools in Surin province and others in the provinces along Khmer Thai border will take Khmer language teaching as one of their curriculum. To the cause of improving Khmer Language and Khmer cultural identity in Thailand, please click here or click here to visit Khmer Surin Language and Culture.

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