Wednesday, February 18, 2009

At the end of Khmer Phonology lesson

In the academic year of 2008 or 2551 in Thai calendar, Khmer Unit of Mahasarakham University has received its new nine students to attend in Khmer Major. As their elder promotion, they are from provinces near Khmer Thai border. They can speak Khmer which is one of dialects in Thailand and called Khmer Surin (ខ្មែរសុរិន្ទ្រ) by Khmer in Cambodia.

It is at the end of second semester now, they hold a special occation to have their dinner with their lecturer, their opposition side in the accademic battle fields. The hard one is to have for nearly four months in Khmer Phonology course which they always complain that the hardest subject they've ever learned. Even though they originally speak in Khmer since the birth, but their accents are different from ones in Cambodia. The difference makes them meet difficulty when encounter the new voice with native speaker. "First, we hardly understand your Khmer pronunciation, then we are used to now." they said. Lesson was finished but the examination is awaiting them. Let's enjoy our nice dinner and keep examination aside!

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